Real Estate

Facilitating successful real estate projects and transactions.

Don’t wait for a real estate dispute to happen to you before you decide you need an attorney. Pinnacle Legal, P.C. has experienced real estate attorneys to assist you in avoiding disputes from the start. Our real estate services include:

Real Estate Transactions

Whether buying, selling, or transferring real property, we help clients navigate the complexities of the real estate process and help ensure a successful transaction.

Purchase Agreements

Providing comprehensive services in drafting and/or reviewing purchase agreements to ensure that all parties are adequately protected.

Lease Review

From determining if a breach of contract has occurred, to providing guidance throughout the resolution process, and representation in court.


Providing assistance to ensure our clients understand key points of their loan options and helping our clients make an informed decision when selecting a mortgage.

Contract Drafting and Review

Ensuring that your real estate contracts are drafted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and the terms are fair and reasonable.

Don’t let real property disputes ruin your day.

Here at Pinnacle Legal, P.C., we represent a wide range of involved parties, including sellers, buyers, agents, builders, and homeowners. We have handled a variety of commercial and residential real estate litigation matters, including cases involving:

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Ensuring that your contracts are drafted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and the terms are fair and reasonable.

Title Defects and Disputes

Addressing title defects and disputes with precision and expertise, we help ensure seamless property transactions and legal clarity for our clients.

Broker Representation

We can assist with compliance with federal and state regulations, dispute resolution, and other legal matters related to broker representation.

Construction Defects

From minimizing the risk of construction defect claims and disputes to navigating the complexity of construction defect disputes.

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